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10 Reasons Why Minibuses Come Up Trumps During The School Holidays

September 19th 2016
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We’ve sort of gotten used to the process of loading the kids into separate cars and playing ref to who sits where; we can even tolerate playing follow the leader at the traffic lights. But waiting for all the mums & dads to circle after we’ve found a parking space? Not so much.

As parents, we all understand the niggly things that occur when taking our kids and their friends out on the road. In our eyes, minibuses are massively underplayed, and hiring one out seems like such an obvious solution. So why put up with the hassle?

  1. No fights over carpooling: No parent wants to waste precious travelling time hearing phrases like: “But I want to go in the front!” and “But YOU said I could go with Daniel next time!” Because A) there’s never enough Anadin left in the glove box and B) because it means less time for the fun stuff. A minibus means no possible child seating formula can be miscalculated.
  2. Noise prevention: So we have a theory- the bigger the vehicle, the easier it is to block out noise. Well that would be true with the minibus, but technically not if every seat is occupied by a child. Which leads us to number 3-
  3. Space for them to play and not get bored: Mini buses are have lots of space inside, so there is plenty of room for colouring books, flailing arms and iPads. Being able to sit with every one of their pals over a select few will also be a novelty.
  4. Easy cleaning: Mini buses are very hard wearing and easy to clean. Make a game out of tidying up- if Sandra picks her crayons up, she can get a Twister from the ice cream van.
  5. Only having to find one parking space: It might take five minutes to get in the car park, but over half hour circling to find a space. Cut out the “pull over and I’ll tell Leanne where we are,” by going Team Minibus.
  6. Kids can see more out of the window: This is our favourite one- because we know little faces can’t always see as much as we can! Getting to ride in a bus will get the kids pumped, making the trip more memorable for them.
  7. Comfy sleeping spot: Childhood is falling asleep when you are tired and not a minute later, and flopping back into a big comfy seat is just what they’ll need after a trip out.
  8. Safety: Mini buses are heavily regulated for child safety- particularly the use of seatbelts- and we see this as a mega plus. If we’re transporting other kids and our own, safety is top priority.
  9. Less petrol used: It goes without saying that taking one vehicle will save on travel costs, but mini buses do not generally guzzle fuel.
  10. Enough seats for mum & dad, too: We currently stock the 9 seat Tourneo and a gigantic 17 seat Minibus- so you can have some adult bonding while the kids do their thing.

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